Samsara fleet management

As the Connected Operations Cloud leader, Samsara’s fleet management solutions include vehicle telematics, AI-enabled dash cameras, mobile workflow, compliance, environmental monitoring, and wireless sensors for asset tracking. Trusted by organizations with fleets of all sizes, Samsara offers an intuitive, all-in-one platform that eliminates guesswork with actionable data insights. As a top-tier Samsara Partner, Assured Telematics helps businesses achieve fast time-to-value and provides ongoing, dedicated support.

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360-degree visibility across all mobile assets

From vehicles, trailers, and equipment, you’ll have the power to track anything and operate at a whole new level with Samsara’s fleet management technology. With “to-the-second” GPS tracking and smart geofencing to enhance route performance, you can unlock the full power of your physical operations and provide better service for your customers.

AI Safety Programs

Video technology powered by AI to keep your team safe

Real-Time Visibility

Gain visibility across facilities, fleets, and end-customer services

Workflows & Reporting

Streamline workflows and make data-driven decisions


Run your business with one integrated platform

How it works

With Samsara’s Connected Operations Platform, drivers and fleet managers operate on the same real-time fleet data captured using high-speed, 4G LTE cellular connectivity. Simply plug the telematics device into your vehicle’s OBDII port, and follow a few easy steps to begin collecting and analyzing data.

Improve safety with AI dash cameras

Samsara offers an advanced video-based safety solution that combines internet-connected cameras and cloud-based software to help fleets of all sizes reduce incidents, prevent false claims, and lower costs. By providing visibility into vehicle locations, near-misses, and driver behavior, Samsara helps fleets take action on their data. For even greater visibility to see the full picture, the Samsara Camera Connector creates side, rear, and interior views.

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Camera highlights

  • Front-facing or dual-facing camera options
  • Full HD 1080p resolution (720p for in-cab camera)
  • Ultra wide-angle lens
  • Infrared LED for in-cab recording at night
  • Embedded AI for live scene analysis of speed limits and rolling stops
  • Auto-uploads all incident footage to the cloud
  • On-demand video retrieval for 300+ hours of past driving time
  • Built-in audio speaker for in-cab voice coaching
  • Optional 12 hour recording after the vehicle has parked and the engine is shut off

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