ORBCOMM Smart Fleet Management Solutions

Gain deeper insights into your operations and unlock the full potential of your fleet with ORBCOMM and Assured Telematics. Our integrated solution allows you to effortlessly manage multiple asset types on a single, user-friendly platform. Gain complete visibility and reduce guesswork to maximize your fleet performance and operational efficiency.

Next-generation solar-powered tracking

Enhance your dry trailer and container tracking capabilities with the GT 1200 series. Our state-of-the-art smart asset tracking technology provides customers with unparalleled quality, reliability, and value. Achieve a stronger return on investment (ROI) by gaining complete visibility of your trailers and containers, optimizing asset utilization and driver productivity, streamlining operations, and ensuring expedited cargo delivery—no matter where you are.

Solution Highlights

  • Comprehensive location visibility
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Easy to install and integrate
  • Cellular or satellite-cellular dual mode
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Complete reefer management

PT 6000 by ORBCOMM is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes fuel and temperature management, maintenance, logistics, and regulatory compliance for refrigerated transport assets. Whether you choose the cellular or dual-mode satellite-cellular version, the PT 6000, in combination with advanced sensors, connectivity options, and the powerful ORBCOMM platform, offers a comprehensive telematics solution that delivers unparalleled visibility and control over cold chain operations.

Solution Highlights

  • Two-way communications
  • Event-based alarms and notifications
  • Multi-temperature zone support
  • Third-party integration
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Global cellular-based telematics for unpowered transport assets

ORBCOMM’s GT 1030 is a rugged, compact, and versatile telematics device designed to revolutionize fleet management by tracking and monitoring various transport assets. From chassis to flatbeds , the GT 1030 offers enhanced global connectivity, support for wired and wireless sensors, 7-way connection capabilities, an extended battery life, and more. This device is equipped to support multiple transportation applications and provide actionable data for informed decision-making.

Solution Highlights

  • Real-time location and status
  • IP67, rugged, covert and discreet
  • Geofences
  • Support for wired and wireless sensors
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Camera cargo sensor for monitoring cargo and trailer load status

Enhance your trailer cargo visibility with a cutting-edge camera cargo sensor that provides automated and on-demand high-quality images of your cargo and trailer load status. Eliminate the guesswork, save time, and minimize errors with accurate information and detailed images at any time.

Solution Highlights

  • Improved cargo visibility
  • Trailer load status reporting
  • Automatic and manual image capturing
  • Cloud integration to ORBCOMM platform
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Tractor ID sensor for trailer pairing confirmation

Enhance your trailer operations. This advanced sensor detects incorrect trailer hook-ups, saving you time and effort. It notifies your back office when trailers are connected or disconnected and tracks the beginning and end of each move, providing valuable fleet visibility. Streamline your processes and ensure accurate tractor-trailer connections with the IS 400 sensor.

Solution Highlights

  • Increased driver efficiency
  • Seamless integration with ORBCOMM’s dry and refrigerated trailer tracking solutions
  • Built-in battery lasts 7+ years
  • Ruggedized and weatherproof enclosure
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