Assured Telematics Consulting

Implementation of Telematics Solutions

ATI provides installation services by a nationwide network of industry professionals certified and knowledgeable in application, operation, installation and troubleshooting of our telematics technologies.

Consulting in other Applications of Telematics Technologies

ATI can assist Insurance providers and fleet managers in determining what technologies are available and best suited to meeting their needs for improved productivity, safety, customer service and efficiency. Our personnel are industry experts in many different types of technologies and their usefulness in fleet operations. We work with our clients across the whole breadth of technology solutions available in addition to the products that we represent. Your company can easily hire us by the hour, day, or month to work with your company to review operations, select technologies, and implement new systems.

Data Integration and Reduction

Get the most from your new technology solution by integrating the data across multiple systems. ATI can assist you to integrate vehicle tracking systems with dispatch, routing or other MIS systems. Use information collected at the customer site from real time systems to initiate billing or complete delivery transactions. Utilize our experience to develop custom reports that best show how your fleet is performing without overwhelming you with data until it is needed to improve operational performance. We will assist your company to best utilize technology solutions to cut costs, increase safety, and increase productivity. Each person at Assured Telematics has worked many years with both technology and fleet operations.

Out-Sourcing Marketing and Sales

ATI provides potential technology and insurance partners the ability to expand their sales efforts without greatly expanding their costs. Our sales representatives will represent our technology partner's products aggressively and on a dedicated basis resulting in strong successes and actual sales completed. We have a proven sales track record that can be leverage quickly and cheaply by our vendor clients.

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