Assured Telematics Sponsors Toledo Transportation Golf Outing alongside Thyssenkrupp to Raise Funds for College Scholarships

August 16, 2022

August 16, 2022 - Assured Telematics (ATI) participated in Toledo Transportation Club’s (TTC) recent golf event and sponsored three holes, all in a dedicated effort next to Thyssenkrupp to help raise college scholarship funds for students. With 129 golfers signed up across various transportation related industries around the Toledo area, as well as transportation companies from Detroit and Chicago, the Toledo Transportation Club donated one $4,000 scholarship and two $1,000 scholarships to students focused on extracurricular activities, community involvement, academic performance and in-course application.

The Toledo Transportation Club was officially organized in 1905, welcoming transportation industry members from diverse professional backgrounds, including but not limited to trucking, railroad, airlines, and traffic management. According to Ben Allen, President of the Toledo Transportation Club and responsible for Fleet Maintenance at ThyssenKrupp, “Despite the extreme heat, the event was a major success and we’re proud to say that over the past few years we’ve given out $6,000 a year split between three well deserving students.’’ As explained by Frank Pellitta, CEO at Assured Telematics, “Participating in this valuable event further underscores our mutual goal to drive meaningful change and positive impact.”

Thyssenkrupp’s commitment to the well-being of communities at large continues to be widely recognized and respected. The company has been one of the Toledo Transportation Club’s supporters for the past 20 years. The organization offers world-leading technology for high-efficiency electrolysis plants and has an impressive track record of more than 600 successfully installed projects. With their expertise, Thyssenkrupp is accelerating the move to clean energy and climate-neutrality.

Image detail: Assured Telematics presence on the golf course, July 2022.

Since 2016, Thyssenkrupp has been an Assured Telematics customer, equipped with leading telematics technology. In just 6 years, Assured Telematics has supported Thyssenkrupp in reimagining their connected fleet operations with customized offerings that are entirely unique to their organization. As a result Thyssenkrupp has enhanced their driver’s experience, all while reducing maintenance issues and CO2 emissions.

“We’re looking forward to the next sponsorship opportunity to help the Toledo Transportation Club continue their vital work,” said Vince Rush, National Account Manager at Assured Telematics. Visit the TTC’s website to learn more about how to become a member and participate in upcoming events.

“We’re proud to say that over the past few years we’ve given out $6,000 a year split between three well deserving students.” - Frank Pellitta, CEO at Assured Telematics