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Keeping Your Sales Force Safe on the Road with Telematics

June 23rd, 2017


There are industries where fleet vehicles serve salespeople instead of delivery personnel. Field sales representatives, medical representatives, and sales agents are mainly hired for their skills and experience in sales, rather than driving. However, a lot of salespeople are driving fleet vehicles and most of the time, they are not trained the same way professional drivers are.
How do fleet managers keep their sales employees safe on the road, while also managing the company's fleet effectively? The answer is simple: by making prevention and monitoring a part of their safety policies. 
The key to having an effective risk management program for sales staff which drives your fleet vehicles, is to check their motor vehicle record annually to see if they have a restricted, expired, or suspended license. You simply cannot have employees with invalid licenses driving your vehicles. 
More than this, however, you also need to monitor your employees to see how they drive on the road. Fortunately, telematics technology can help you with this. 



Telematics systems can do wonders


Telematics not only gives you mechanical information that detail the state of your vehicles which allows you to correct any issues, but it also gives you insights on bad driving behaviors. For instance, you can compare the difference between the actual driving speed and the posted speed limit, where you can see whether or not a driver has the habit of over-speeding. You can also be alerted to harsh braking incidents and be notified when an accident occurs.  

In other words, you get all the data you need with easy-to-understand reports and safety scores. A few of the other driving behaviors and information you can find out through a telematics solution include; seatbelt usage, braking habits, acceleration, turning behavior, and even the use of vehicles after work-hours or outside of specific routes.
Assured Telematics helps keep your sales fleet safe when they are on the road by using the latest technologies and services, and delivering the information you need to manage your fleet, thus making sure that your drivers are safe.
Data you gain from Assured Telematics can be used to further train your sales team on how to drive better.


Allay some of your sales staff and management concerns


Telematics is a useful tool, not only in keeping track of your fleet and their well-being, but also in training your sales staff to be better drivers. There’s a clear need for you to work with Assured Telematics in order to get the best technologies for your Sales Force, such as Geotab and Mentor.  
One big problem however, is that fleet tracking may raise a lot of concerns from your sales staff.  They might not be comfortable with the idea that a telematics device is tracking their every move, including where they go and other data about their driving, which telematics technology can track.  
This hesitation is what holds back some sales managers from supporting the use of telematics devices. They surely would not like to lose their best salespeople over the fleet manager's’ decision to put telematics devices on their company vehicles. This is why; despite your efforts to ensure that telematics devices are used to help your sales staff drive well, their privacy concerns should be addressed first and foremost. Fortunately, there is a way to assure sales staff that their privacy is still protected.  
Geotab has just announced a “Privacy Mode” feature for their MyGeotab product. Turning on “Privacy Mode” will stop Geotab from logging driving activity on selected vehicles. It can be activated manually using Geotab Drive or MyGeotab, and/or it can be automatically activated by set rules. Sales staff who use their cars for personal driving can now ensure that their personal driving activities are not recorded, and the company can also be sure that any private locations their sales staff visit are not divulged.
With Assured Telematics, you can now combine the best of any scenario: you can gain the information that you need to track your fleet, help your sales staff become even better and safer drivers, all while also making sure that their privacy is respected. 
Mentor, by eDriving, can also show your drivers’ risky behaviors such as texting or using their smartphones while driving, hard braking, and other bad driving habits related to speed.  It can also provide reports on trip levels, as well as monthly, weekly or daily trends, among others. 
What's more, Mentor has a varied list of training content that is both engaging and interactive.  This means that you can say goodbye to boring training videos and your sales team can enjoy their time while improving their driving skills.
Furthermore, Mentor gives you a standardized FICO score to reflect driver performance and risk. A standardized score is great, in that it takes away arguments and debates based on what an individual driver thinks good driving equates to. It will also be useful when you deal with regulators, insurance companies, accident and risk management companies and other similar third parties.  
This standardized score will make it easier for good drivers to show that they are low-risk drivers, while simultaneously showing what needs improvement in terms of their driving skills. It will also help them understand the different factors that might endanger them, and what steps they can take to lower their chances of collision. The standardized score helps poor drivers realize just how easy it can be to correct and improve their problem areas through Mentor's training modules.
As with Geotab, Mentor also has built-in privacy features, such as the ability for the salesperson to select whether they were the driver or passenger, and/or whether he or she was driving for business or personal time.



Make it easy for your sales employees to be safe


When you have sales employees who use company vehicles for work, ensuring their safety and getting their commitment to improve on their driving is a good start. However, more than asking your sales staff to do their part, the company should also be doing its share by making safety easy.  
Fleet vehicles should be well maintained to avoid any breakdowns and accidents. They should come with all the necessary and latest safety equipment such as airbags, stability control, daytime running lights, anti-lock brakes, and, of course, fleet telematics products such as Mentor and Geotab.   
With this, Assured Telematics is no longer just a fleet telematics service provider. Partnering with top companies such as Geotab and cutting-edge services like Mentor, the company’s range of services can help you keep sales staff, as well as all drivers within your fleet vehicles safe and highly trained. You can have the right technologies and services you need, as well as the mobile apps that help make your job easier.





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