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Assured Telematics: GPS Fleet Management

Assured Telematics has a wide range of products and expertise to assist fleet managers take advantage of new technologies at affordable prices to solve current day problems in managing your fleet. Our suite of systems ranges from advanced satellite communications and GPS technologies to automatic data collection, scheduling, optimization and other management solutions.

Assured Telematics provides these new technologies at the lowest possible prices to enable new technologies to be available to our customers.  In addition we provide implementation, consulting and training to help you get the most out of these new technologies.

We provide advanced GPS technologies for fleet tracking and management that will help you:

Assured Telematics provides the technology and expertise to help organizations save money.

Assured Telematics and Entergy lead the way in future proof fleet management with the release of the Geotab GO7 device.


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"We have been extremely impressed with the high quality of both service and data that the Assured Telematics team has provided for our company."

~ Gary A. Nesbit, Director of Risk Management

"We just finished outfitting almost our entire fleet of leased vehicles with the Geotab GO devices. It's been an Awesome tool for us as far as improving efficiency. Initially most our drivers weren’t too keen on the idea of being tracked, however we explained to everyone that it’s not so much to use as evidence of misuse, but more of a tool to improve routing efficiencies while tracking and recording vehicle maintenance and misuse. Assured telematics has been a great asset to our company, any questions or requests we’ve had are always handled promptly which is very important to us."

~ Kris Grimm, System Administrator

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"An upgrade in the company’s telematics system has helped conserve fuel and dispatch vehicles more quickly and effectively when driver positions can be seen accurately in real time. Now we can see where the crews are and who’s the closest. It’s making our drivers much more efficient!"

~ Gary Tucker, Director of Fleet Operations

"Assured Telematics Inc. is nothing short of awesome! Quick response time to inquiries and support tickets is customer service at it's finest!"

~ David Pardi, Commercial Truck Specialist

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"We can do zone mapping, look at vehicles while on the road, inspect maintenance codes and get automatic alerts on unit conditions. This allows us to make sure vehicles are running at optimum levels. We are a leader in our industry, and we are actively changing our culture, Technology will continue to allow us to measure our efficiency improvements."

~ Tim Fitzgerald, Director of Fleet Management

"Our Geotab Telematics program has been a huge success thanks to our store managers. We have seen dramatic results since December, with per car violations for seat-belt usage decreasing by 50% and overall violations falling by a whopping 83%. Thanks to our partners at Assured Telematics Inc. "

~ Mark Alcarez, Safety and Leadership Trainer

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"We are really happy with your product. We researched a lot of different GPS tracking companies and have found we made the right choice with Assured Telematics. Service has been great and the system is capable of everything that we wanted it to do. In this day and age you don’t find that too often anymore. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!"

~ Shantel Gamble, Fleet Manager

"Thank you again for all your time and knowledge. We are very grateful you have a great partner like you to lean on. Assured Telematics Inc opened our eyes to a whole new level of fleet monitoring. Thanks again!”"

~ Bryan Bigelow, Vice President

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"I was put in charge of finding a new GPS solution for our company of 150 vehicles. After extensive research of over a dozen companies, the Geotab solution was the clear winner. With everything they are offering and their competitive price, it was almost too good to be true, but, I can honestly say that Frank and his team at Assured Telematics have not only held up their promises they've made us, but they have far exceeded all our expectations. ATI/Geotab paired with Verizon is the clear cut winner in this race."

~ Jesse Marsh, Fleet Manager

"Unreal customer service! We thought we were over the top, but you guys are on the next level of doing things right!"

~ Oilmatic Cooking Supply & System

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"Assured Telematics has been very patient and kind with me as I am learning the system. Their professionalism is very much appreciated. Thank you for all the valuable assistance!"

~ Mary Back, Senior Manager Operations Support Services | Field Service

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Assured Telematics is a leader in GPS fleet management, providing customized, cost-effective systems to companies large and small. What sets us apart from other fleet telematics providers is our engineering talent. ATI customers benefit from customized solutions on standardized platforms featuring integration with dozens of back-office services.

Transportation and Logisitics Case Study 2   CASE STUDY: Keeping Vehicles Safe
Operating the largest wastewater treatment facility in the world, DC Water has a wide range of services that must be running smoothly at all times. With DC Water’s Fleet Management in charge of 610 vehicles and about 1,200 other pieces of equipment, Director of Fleet Management - Timothy Fitzgerald wanted to find a way to keep track of how safely and efficiently their vehicles are running.

Transportation and Logisitics Case Study   CASE STUDY: Fleet Feat
As Xcel energy moves into more remote areas to serve the energy industry, the company’s vehicle fleet is expanding to meet the demand. An upgrade in the company’s telematics system has helped conserve fuel and dispatch vehicles more quickly and effectively when their positions can be seen accurately in real time.

DB Bowman   CASE STUDY: DB Bowman
When D.M. Bowman Inc.’s insurance carrier, Protective Insurance Company, offered to pay for the company’s installation of Geotab on the fleet vehicles for a study, Barry Wertz, the director of safety and risk management, says the possibility of improved fleet safety was a no brainer.

CreativeXteriors case study   CASE STUDY: CreativeXteriors
As a small business, CreativeXteriors knows that accidents and other safety issues with the fleet could result in large and potentially business-crumpling expenses. That’s why this landscape company does everything it can to prevent accidents of any kind.

Tolt Solutions using gps fleet management   CASE STUDY: Tolt Solutions
Most telematics systems give their users a lot of data. But how useful is that data when it’s not organized in an understandable way? Greg Spohn, Director of Operations and Fleet for Tolt Solutions, a retail-focused IT
services company, says that Tolt got stuck in this scenario.

paine's recycling  

CASE STUDY: Paine’s Inc. Recycling & Rubbish Removal
Finding a telematics company that best fits your fleet can be complicated. Paine’s Inc. quickly realized this back in 2007, when one of the municipalities the company was bidding on and now operates in made installing GPS in all service vehicles a contract requirement.

Assured Telematics first App Center  

Assured Telematics Releases First App Center for Geotab Customers
Assured Telematics is pleased to introduce the first App Center designed specifically for fleets utilizing Geotab’s web-based (SaaS) MyGeotab fleet management software platform. The initial offering features seven valuable apps that are easily accessed from directly within client’s personal MyGeotab portal.

MAPS BI and Assured Telematics  

Maps BI & Assured Telematics Partnership to Help Improve Driver Safety and Reduce Fuel Costs for Fleets
Maps BI is proud to announce that Assured Telematics (ATI) has joined the Maps BI channel partner program as a value add solution partner. ATI will offer the Maps BI platform to their current and prospective customers in the North American market.

Red Hawk Fire and Security Case Study  

National Fleet saves big $$$ with ATI and Geotab
More than 50,000 companies and institutions across North America rely on the resources and knowledge delivered by Red Hawk Fire & Security. The company provides a comprehensive set of advanced safety and security technologies that are custom designed to meet the specific needs of the businesses they serve.

Navistar Case Study  

Geotab Launches Partnership with Navistar Inc. for Remote Diagnostics
Geotab announced today a strategic partnership with Navistar’s ONCOMMAND Web Service to offer a single remote diagnostic portal. Through the OnCommand Connection proprietary portal, customers can more efficiently manage their fleets through an integrated vehicle service monitoring system that connects fleets.

ATI and XIRGO   An Industry First For Assured Telematics, Inc.
Assured Telematics (ATI) and Xirgo Technologies have collaborated to provide an industry first in bringing fixed asset and trailer tracking information to Geotab’s web-based software (SaaS) MyGeotab fleet management platform.

Telematics partners   Assured Telematics (ATI) and Interactive Driving Systems Create Telematics-based Safety Solution
Assured Telematics (ATI), a leading provider of telematics solutions, and Interactive Driving Systems (IDS), a global provider of fleet risk management solutions, have teamed up to create a behavior telematics-based solution for Managers committed to creating a crash free culture....

Zoom Safer Case Study  

ZoomSafer’s Mobile Phone Safety Software Now Compatible with ATI & Geotab
Reston, VA – ZoomSafer, the leading provider of policy management software to prevent distracted driving, and Geotab announced today that ZoomSafer’s FleetSafer® Mobile software is now compatible with Geotab’s GO4 and GO5 GPS vehicle tracking solutions.....

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