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Geotab: Breakthrough GPS Vehicle Tracking Device


GPS fleet management

Geotab’s GPS vehicle tracking device, the GO7, is truly plug and play technology. It requires no additional antennas and no splicing of wires, reducing installation time and fees.

Geotab supplies unique measurement-based telematics solutions to fleets, including 10 of the Top 100 in North America. Geotab is now the largest telematics supplier to enterprise fleets, based on units sold in 2011. For over a decade, Geotab customers have trusted in the value of measuring activity in order to manage people and assets. Management by measurement dashboards, events, and reports using Geotab technology has helped steer the growth strategies of Geotab’s users. Geotab technology is available from expert resellers in off-the-shelf modules or bundled together with integrated solutions including fleet maintenance, routing, driving safety, productivity, asset optimization or compliance.



Smart Witness KP1: All-in-One 3G/LTE Vehicle Accident Camera with Instant Video Transmission of Events


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The KP1 is the world’s most powerful 3G/LTE enabled instant video transmission vehicle camera with built-in tracking and telematics data, using Patent Pending Technology. The device features two cameras, a built-in forward facing HD camera and an optional second camera, for interior, side or rear views. When KP1 detects an incident, it sends a 10-second video clip of its primary camera via email instantly to any authorized recipient. KP1 interacts and reports events in real-time, either by email or SMS, including Driver Reports and Speeding Alerts, alerting companies/fleet managers and giving them time to intervene. KP1 can also integrate seamlessly with third party tracking/telematics platforms.


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Mobileye® Collision Avoidance System

The Mobileye® Collision Avoidance System is the latest technological advancement for preventing vehicle crashes — and the only system in the industry to incorporate truly comprehensive real-time warnings and alerts. Utilizing an intelligent vision sensor that works like a bionic eye, the system identifies a diverse and extensive variety of potential threats on the road, such as vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and more. The distance and relative speeds of these objects are continuously measured to calculate the risk of your driver colliding with them. Even lane markings and traffic signs are detected. When danger is imminent, visual and audible alerts warn the driver to make necessary corrections in sufficient time to avoid potential collisions or mitigate their severity. Fleet managers have installed our trusted collision avoidance system in some of the world's best-run fleets including cars trucks, service vehicles and taxis, in both rural and urban environments. Many global organizations have experienced significant reductions in incidents, collisions and associated costs. Your fleet can accomplish the same.



ATI Event Coordinator


ati event coordinator

Extensive fleet management solution for accident avoidance, insurance savings, and operational efficiencies. ATI Event Coordinator The ATI Event Coordinator is a comprehensive fleet management solution that integrates GPS vehicle tracking with collision - avoidance technology and recorded video. It increases safety for drivers, provides protection against fraudulent claims, and improves operational efficiencies. The ATI Event Coordinator connects to each vehicle in a fleet using a cellular data link, continually retrieving telematics information collected by the Geotab module. If the server encounters an event previously configured as problematic – a sudden stop, lane departure, excessive tailgating, or an accident, for example – it retrieves video data of the incident from the camera module. The event-monitoring console allows management to view this captured video along with any associated telematics data, providing a vital enhancement to an organization’s overall risk management strategy.



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Key Features:

  • Electronic Hours of Service: 395.15 Compliant Electronic Driver Logs
  • Time Clock: Time tracking for Hours of Service and non-Hours of Service drivers
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR): Automated, compliant vehicle inspections
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA): Automated fuel tax reporting makes IFTA as easy as “Print, Sign, Send”
  • Driver Scorecards: Rank drivers on speed, MPG, idle and safety scores
  • Asset Tracking: Real-time vehicle location and utilization
  • Forms-Based Messaging: Flexible form creation for driver communication
  • Proof of Delivery: Image, signature and barcode capture for capturing delivery information

Join the mobile revolution!

The XRS solution from Omnitracs is transforming the telematics industry by allowing fleets to leverage their existing phones and tablets rather than requiring them to buy expensive on board computers. With minimal costs to get started and low monthly subscription costs the XRS solution delivers applications and data points traditionally only available to the world’s largest fleets at a price point that fits every budget. It’s time to level the playing field with XRS.

What Makes The XRS Solution Different?

  • 10-minute installation with no modifications to the truck
  • Driver application runs on both Android and Windows Mobile devices
  • Affordable Electronic Driver Logs
  • As part of the Omnitracs Enterprise, you can have confidence you are working with the most reliable and dependable company in the industry


  • Improve safety and compliance
  • Reduce paperwork with Hours of Service, IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting, and DVIR applications
  • Prepare for the ELD Mandate
  • Provide better customer service
  • Drive efficiency and profitability with vehicle performance monitoring
  • Streamline your operations with customizable forms
  • Retain your best drivers


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